Brenda Schaeffer

“Resmaa says it well. A relationship is not intended to be a neat little package but a place where we can choose revolution, devolution or evolution. It is a modern-day initiation chamber where each person gets to transform if willing to stay with the tough spots. I applaud Resmaa Menakem for underscoring that how we do relationship conflict is more important than what the conflict is about.”

– Dr. Brenda Schaeffer | Bestselling author Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

Noel R. Larson

“In Rock the Boat, Resmaa Menakem tells the truth about intimate relationships—and does so with great honesty, love, wit, and insight. What he has written is “politically incorrect,” and an absolutely honest approach to couples achieving their dream—a meaningful relationship filled with honesty and deep connection.”

– Noel R. Larson, Ph.D. | Co-author of Incestuous Families

David Schnarch

“Resmaa Menakem offers street-smart wisdom to readers who want straight talk about relationship problems most people deny, like conflict, cruelty, and abuse. In particular, this book gives returning war vets, domestic violence batterers, and emotionally abusive people (and their partners) the hard-truth answers and realistic optimism they need to turn their lives around. Resmaa’s focus on integrity and personal growth rings true because it comes from a man who walks the walk.”

– David Schnarch, Ph.D. | Bestselling author of Passionate Marriage and Resurrecting Sex

Anne Katherine

“Lively and beautifully written, this guide lays out a terminology and process for committed couples, so that they can talk into the rich potential their relationship holds for them without sacrificing their true selves. Personal choice is always protected. Honest, raw, and profound.”

– Anne Katherine, M.A. | Bestselling author of Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin and Where to Draw the Line

John C. Friel

“Why do we fall into love, only to fall into conflict? As Resmaa Menakem reveals in Rock the Boat, conflict is baked into every committed relationship. Leaning into those conflicts with integrity, rather than fleeing from them, is the key to creating a lifetime of trust, growth, and love. Rock the Boat is a must-have book for every committed couple.”

– John C. Friel, Ph.D. | Co-author of The 7 Best Things Happy Couples Do

Linda Mills

“Rock the Boat is a work of profound insight, brilliance — and surprisingly, of hope. In unnervingly direct and hard-hitting prose, Resmaa Menakem guides us through life’s most difficult question: How do I have a truly fulfilling relationship? It should be required reading for everyone who wants to love — truly love. This book could change your life — read it!”

– Linda Mills, Ph.D. | Author of Violent Partners: A Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse